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After the damage, you’ll want a company you trust. We are committed to providing our fire restoration services in Springfield, MO with quality workmanship.

Whether your entire property has been devastated or just the kitchen, we can provide our fire cleanup services including stain, soot & smoke removal, ozone odor control and thermal fogging to remove the smells from your home.

How We Approach Our Fire Repair Process



After the smoke clears, you’ll want a team of professionals who can thoroughly restore your life back to normal again.

Here’s an outline on how we perform our services.


1. Debris Cleanup & Removal


Our first step is to photograph, inventory, and remove all damaged personal property.


2. Transport & Store Contents That Can Be Restored

For any of your remaining items that can be restored, we transport them prior to the renovations and store them in our 13,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled facility. We can also perform any restorations at our facility for furniture, electronics, carpet restoration as well as rug cleaning.

 3. Dry & Extract Water

(if any)


In the event of a fire, it’s likely that either your fire sprinklers, or water from putting out the fire, has caused additional damages. We begin our next process with our water extraction services.


The next to last approach is to eliminate all remaining odors. We approach this with our thermal fogging service, which chemically breaks down proteins with a fog-like spray and clings to the molecules causing the odors.



Upon the finalization of your project, we will perform any and all cleaning necessary to bring your home back to like-new condition after reconstruction..




Our Certifications As A Fire Restoration Company In Springfield


Just about any restoration contractor in Springfield can perform cleanup services after your catastrophe. The question is…Will they do it with industry leading techniques and equipment?

At Mr. Power Clean, we keep up to date by using the most modern technology when performing any type of restoring process. Furthermore, we require all of our staff to attend continuing education classes that keeps them all abreast of the best ways to clean up after a fire.









All of the Ozarks surrounding Christian & Greene County including Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Fair Grove, Marshfield, Seymour, Sparta, Clever, Aurora, Republic, Miller, Mt. Vernon and Ash Grove, MO.


Smoke Damage Restoration In Springfield, MO

Not every fire restoration service we provide is a direct impact from flames. In this case, the fire place wasn’t venting properly and caused the entire home to become covered in soot and smoke residue.

Fortunately for the homeowner, we were able to restore the property back to a comfortable and clean living environment.

These are the steps and services we performed for this smoke restoration.

Starting From The Top Down

As with any typical restoration of this nature, we start from the top down to ensure each surface is thoroughly cleaned.

First, we start with the ceilings.





Next, we clean the smoke residue off of the walls.

From there we clean all attached fixtures.












Not every restoration service we offer can be performed on site. For this project, we transported the furniture that could be restored to our facility and continued our process.

Here are a some examples on the smoked damaged furniture we restored.



After we restored the home’s contents and elevated surfaces, we finish our process by cleaning the carpets.

Our last and final step is to deodorize the home by performing our thermal fogging.

If your home has been impacted by smoke or fire, contact Mr. Power Clean for a professional restoration.

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