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tile and grout

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We offer professional tile and grout cleaning in Springfield, MO. Whether you’re looking to restore your floors, backsplash areas, tubs or showers, we’re here to help!

"Today Dana and Joey cleaned our carpets and tile in our home and I couldn’t be happier! Our home is 17 years old and our floors look brand new! I can’t recommend Mr. Power Clean enough…call them!"

– Jill W.

"Alan, did an amazing job of cleaning 13yr.old white carpet and tile at my parent’s empty condo! It hasn’t looked this good since before my parents moved in. Carpet and tile floors looked like new."

– Carol N.





All of the the Ozarks surrounding Christian & Greene County including Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Fair Grove, Marshfield, Seymour, Sparta, Clever, Aurora, Republic, Miller, Mt. Vernon and Ash Grove, MO.

Brick & Stone Tile Floor Cleaning Project In Springfield, MO

Here’s a recent floor cleaning project we were hired to perform in Springfield, MO. The flooring material, unlike the typical tile and grout that we clean, was a beautiful brick and stone paver flooring that needed refinishing.

Although the material is different than traditional tile, the restoration process is very similar.



The Steps Of Our Floor Cleaning Process

Step 1
Our first initial step of this project was to remove any existing dirt and debris from the surface. We accomplished this with a manual approach of scrub brushes and brooms.

Step 2
Upon preparing the surface, our next step included applying our floor cleaning detergents. This helps to break down the dirt and debris from within the pores of the material being cleaned.

Step 3
Our next step was to utilize our commercial floor cleaning equipment. Our floor cleaner oscillates on the surface providing a thorough penetration within the pores of the surface.


Our final step of this cleaning process was to perform a final wipe down of the brick and seal the grout.

Here’s the final result!












Dirty flooring can often go unnoticed. This is usually due to the build up occurring overtime. If you’re ready to see just how beautiful your floors can be, contact us about our floor and tile cleaning services in Springfield, MO!

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