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Anytime you are dealing with a Trauma or Biohazard clean-up, it's going to be imperative that your house is 100% restored to the condition it was in before the catastrophe.

Whether your entire property has been devastated, or just one area, we can provide Trauma/Biohazard cleanup services including blood/chemical and stain removal, carpet replacement (if necessary) and ozone odor control and thermal fogging to remove any smells from your home.

How We Approach Our trauma/biohazard Repair Process


After the catastrophe, you’ll want a team of professionals who can thoroughly restore your life back to normal again.

Here’s an outline on how we perform our services.


1. Debris Cleanup & Removal


Our first step is to remove all remaining debris and destroyed items within your property.


2. Haul Away & Store Contents That Can Be Restored

For any of your remaining items that can be restored, we haul them off prior to the renovations and store them in our 13,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility. We can also perform any restorations at our facility for furniture, electronics, carpet restoration as well as rug cleaning.

 3. Dry & Extract liquids 

(if any)


Any liquids that have penerated your flooring, will require us to fully inspect all layers, down to the subfloor, where we will remove the liquids and treat accordingly, restoring all layers completely.


The next to last approach is to eliminate all remaining odors. We approach this with our thermal fogging service, which chemically breaks down smells with a mist like spray and clings to the bacteria causing the odors.



Upon the finalization of your project, we will perform any and all cleaning necessary to bring your contents back to like new condition.



All of the Ozarks surrounding Christian & Greene County including Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Fair Grove, Marshfield, Seymour, Sparta, Clever, Aurora, Republic, Miller, Mt. Vernon and Ash Grove, MO.


Trauma/ Biohazard clean-up and restoration

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Chemical spills

  • Deceased human and animal remains

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